Information and Opinions on Southeastern San Diego

Map showing the location of area of the SESDPG

As shown in the map above, the Southeastern Planning area is bounded by :The Martin Luther King, Jr. Freeway on the North, Interstate 5 on the West, Interstate 805 on the East, and the San Diego City Limits on the south.

All Meetings of the planning Group, unless otherwise noticed, take place at Mountain View Community Center, 692 So. Boundary Street, San Diego, Ca 92113.

Map showing the location of the Mountain View Community Center

All documents are to be sent to the Planning Group Chair, Raymond Bernal, by email to Ray Bernal, Chair SSDPG

All Meetings start at 6:00 PM and end at 7:45 PM

The premises must be vacated prior to 7:55PM - to avoid any charges.

The Southeastern San Diego Planning Group's next meeting will be on Monday, March 12, 2018.

Agenda for Planning Group Meeting on Monday March 12, 2018.

The Southeastern San Diego Planning Group's Projects Committee's next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 26, 2018.


Backup Material for Projects' Items

Council policy

The Southeastern San Diego next Projects Meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 26, 2018.


Draft Minutes of the Planning Group Meeting that occurred on Monday June 12, 2017

Multimodal Transit Station

Capital Improvement Proposal

Special Event Permit – Imperial Avenue Street Festival NOTICE OF RIGHT TO APPEAL ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION

SANDAG Imperial Avenue Bikeway Argument for and Questionnaire

Imperial Avenue Bikeway Community Input Directly to Questionnaire

Comment from the Webmaster, Robert C. Leif, Ph.D.

The Questionnaire was written with the assumption that the bikes had to be located on Imperial Ave. An alternative is to locate the bikes on L Street, which has room for bikes with protective barriers. This will maximize the number of cars that can be parked on Imperial Ave, which will result in the maximization of sales by the local stores. It will also protect the pedestrians from being hit by a bicycle.

SANDAG has ignored 21st century technology. It would be of use to determine whether the present drivers prefer to bike or drive when they use Imperial Ave. Bicycles are a 19th Century technology. Would you be interested in 21st century small city cars? Would you prefer the small cars to be robot or human driven?

If you have any additional comments or feedback about the Imperial Avenue Bikeway project, please share them in the space allocated for them in Question 10 of the SANDAG Questionnaire.

Workshops and Documents

Please, if you have not recently attended the Development Services Department California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, WORKSHOP, please read CEQA Training

This training manual was based upon the City's Implementation Procedures For The California Environmental Quality Act and the State CEQA Guidelines

A draft CEQA document is acceptable prior to giving our formal Recommendation.


Observations and Opinions of Robert C. Leif, Ph.D and where noted by his collaborators.

Previous action Item Information: Community Plan Update. Robert Leif presented the first third (Economic Prosperity) of his Power Point Presentations. Please carefully read and review the descriptions of the proposed updates of the elements. Your input and wisdom is welcomed. A description of the proposed Multimodal Transit Station, which is a significant part of the Mobility Element is also available below:

Introduction to the Community Plan Element Revisions: Quoted text is indented; New text is Normal and starts at the left margin. Additions to be included in the revised document are in red.

Economic Prosperity Element

Mobility Element

Land Use Element

Proposed Multimodal Transit Junction of the I-15BRT with the Trolley Orange Line Station

Community Plan Update

New Community Plan Goals by Element

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********Other Information*************

Draft Southeastern San Diego Community Plan Update, June 2014

Community Plan Update

Officers and Members of the Southeastern San Diego Planning Group

SSDPG Resolution of General Interest

Replace the bus on SR-94 with a connection between SR-15 and the trolley, with the saving being used on the left-hand lanes and putting in amenities such as benches and street scapes. Passed October 14, 2013

Planning Group 2015 Minutes

SSDPGJuly 13, 2015 meeting

Planning Group 2014 Minutes

SSDPG April 14, 2014 meeting

SSDPG May 12, 2014 meeting

SSDPG June 9, 2014 meeting

SSDPG July 14, 2014 meeting

SSDPG Special September 29, 2014 meeting

SSDPG October 13, 2014 meeting

SSDPG November 10, 2014 meeting

Projects Committee Summaries

Projects Committee Summary of February 23, 2015 meeting

Southeastern San Diego Planning Group (SSDPG) Bylaws

The Bylaws are based in part on the California Brown Act; Introduction to the Brown Act>

Brown Act

Brown Act 2013 Amendment Requires Reporting of Individual Votes

Brown Act Brochure

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